11 Unicorns - Missunderstood

Coming to you this Monday with a bunch of new music. Starting off with a new progressive production from 11 Unicorns. If I told you that the album art didn't get my attention I would be lying to you. On the flip side of that though, I don't typically dig into the progressive side of music spectrum. Nothing against the genre. When I hear a good track genres don't mean much anyway. Good music is good music.

This new single titled "Missunderstood" which was just released October 22nd 2020 has that low tone bass that carries throughout. The vocal samples are nicely placed. Dark, but not extra goth. The audio effects were a good choice.

I get a lot of visuals when I listen to music and when I'm listening to this track I see it as the audio backdrop to a movie scene. The segment that follows the rude awakening and now something has to be done moment lol. I know. It's just the way my mind works.

Solid production here by 11 Unicorns. The label, I almost forgot to mention is Ditto Music. If you would like to give this track a listen and or purchase please follow the links provided.


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