2 Krazy Muther Fookers "Electrik Sessions Podcast 5"

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

After being tipped off about this mix set (source unknown) I decided to head over to Mixcloud for a listen. When I was told the name of the group (2 Krazy Mutherfookers) I automatically thought dubstep. Mistake. Wrong. BIG ROOM HOUSE is the genre here. Now I have to admit that when I think of house music, big room house isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Of course that's because I have my biases. Never mind that right now. This isn't about me.

So I proceeded to listen to a few of the mix sets and the one that stuck out the most to me was "Electrik Sessions Podcast 5". First off, all of the podcasts have a solid standard of production that goes into them. You notice that immediately with the theatrical intro. Que the THX Dolby surround sound. What makes the intro work is the fact that the audio quality in the mix itself blends right along with it.

During this 56 minute set I never loss interested. The progression along with track selection is what you want when you've paid your hard earned money to enjoy a good club booking. Or when it's a gloomy day in Seattle and you're trying to stay motivated.

The transitions in this mix were seamless leaving no time to leave the dance floor. Better drink up before they hit the stage.

I'm impressed with what I've heard. This isn't just some gimmick only act here. They aren't just two masked guys who crash and burn at every turn then jump around the stage like idiots to distract you from a terrible job on the decks. They know how to bring it. I'm looking forward to hearing more. I can see myself becoming one of "The Committed".

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