2Komplex wants "Fresh Meet"...........

Throwing you the change up real quick. I had to dabble in some tech house this early evening. I personally only mix tech house every so often, but when I hear a good set and track I definately take the time to enjoy it.

I remember when I was just coming into the EDM / rave scene, back then, tech house was most of what I heard, followed by DnB, then came electro and the flood of dub step. Anyway, tech house always makes me think of my early days of getting into all of this stuff. It's not like Hip Hop lol. (That's for another article)

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Enter 2Komplex. The new single is entitled "Fesh Meet" (Two suspects remix). Released on the Sinsonic label just this past May 8th 2020. That's right, brand spanking new.

A nice driving bass that is tech house to the core, nice keys, a steady forward progression. I would use this in one of my own sets. Take a listen below.

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