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Not all online music stores are created equal. With that said, I find it challenging to find quality tech house tracks on a regular basis from any one site. I'm picky and choosy. I try my best to keep the wackness going into my ear drums to less that 1%. At least most sites don't have an complete lack of quality control. Moving on.....

So here we have the 8Kays with their "Rolling EP" project. Release just this past July. So it's still hot and fresh out the kitchen.

This is just a three selections on this project and the title track really is the break out. As the title says, rolling, this title track does just that. For me progression in a track does a lot. It gives the production some energy. While listening your energy rises as the tracks does. I hope that's not way too artistic for some of you. I do realize that some of my descriptions and analogies are different. Thus am I. See, I just said 'THUS" like I'm a judge or something lol. Back to the music.

Along with the digital keys rising up and down (old computer sound effects), the heavy bass kick makes the sound of this production very full and warm. It sounds complete in it's simplicity, complicated if you don't move at the speed of the beat.

As for the rest of the tracks on this project I want to hear your feedback.

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