8ubbles - "Run It Back" new music alert

I don't feature a lot of electro house here because most of the sets I produce these days are on the deeper side of things, however I love a good electro track. Sometimes you need a pick me up and this bass heavy driving drum production from 8ubbles does just that.

Immediately when this single began to play I could picture myself back at some of the raves I mixed at. The younger crowd all full of whatever, going haywire to the drops and all.

If you're looking for that sound and want to feel that vibe, this is it for you. One last note, I've noticed over the last 5 years that electro and dub step sounds closer than say back in 2010. This audio presentation doesn't do that. In my opinion this brings across more of the original essence of electro to the front. In the end it's all just must, but I wanted to point that out.


"Run It Baq"

Bath House (label)

Released October 2nd 2020

Listen and buy here https://amzn.to/31vnxPZ

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