Aaron Lowe - "Make Me Feel" E.P.

Wide awake in these over night hours so I decided to hop online and browse through some new music. My typical first stop is JunoDownLoad and has been for years. Anyway, because I've been craving something really new I hit the new releases for the "House" category and stumbled upon this.

Strange thing about this night owl find, I was just about to leave the page after scrolling a bit and then the CD cover caught my attention. Go figure.

Put my headphones on and adjust the volume because its about 4am and the neighbors don't want to hear it. Just a little bit into the title track and I was already opening up the website blog editor to bring this project to your attention.................... (Continue below)

The vibe and energy of the title track really fits a trend for me. A trend of music more in a more positive key. Some music makes you feel tense and others make you want to mosh. This is what you relax to. Play while you have friends or a special friend over for drinks. This is what you play when you're tired of sitting in your house and you want to take a stroll through the neighborhood. This is the track you play during the prefunk before the party. A tone setter for real.

To check this track out and or purchase it click the appropriate buttons in the player above.

IG: www.Instagram.com/rhythm.culture.records

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