ABYUKI - Dark House

I guess it's a progressive house sort of day around here. I can't sit still so I'm standing at the PC typing up this review. The music is acting like caffeine. Redefining what's proper work place music. Oh yeah, I drank one of those energy drinks too lol. This project from Abyuki - "Dark House" matches the almost anxiety like vibe I'm having.

This EP / maxi single features four tracks. One of which has two versions. That would be the track entitled "Macabre". This project starts off hard hittin' with the title track "Dark House". High energy with synth strikes and enough bass to satisfy.

These tracks play out like the end of a hour long set, which I would have put "Dark House" last. Leave them wanting more. Just my opinion. None the less, as the tracks are laid out you start at full throttle and work your way down.

"In Your House" is just one or two notches down on the volume. You'll hear what I mean. It's a solid track that will get the same results as track one on the dance floor. No doubt. We can only hope that the rest of Abyuki's offerings haven't worn you out.

I feel like this project was cut in half and the other part is just a click away. In the mean time, check out Abyuki's work below.

Artist: Abyuki

Album: Dark House

Genre: Progressive house

Label: Octiive

Click here for music https://amzn.to/3lYnHXp

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