Often is it that I find music in the House genre where I don't know the language they are singing in, but it seems to make the music just that much more beautiful. This is one of those tracks.

The Adhesive Twins and Cezwear - featuring Rusell bring us "Phenduka". Released NOV 27th 2020 on the Candid Beings Recordings label.

Very soulful. Neo soul of the late 90s comes to mind a little here. The production sounds relative to some of that featured with Eyrkah Badu, India Aire (Ire) and others.

Although I do not speak the language featured here in this track I was able to find out what "Phenduka" means. What I read is that Phenduka in Zula means "turn around", "Repent", "Turn over" and so on. Please look it up and see for yourself. I learn something new every day.

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