Ahmet Tamer - Hugel They Know........

My last entry of the evening. I didn't think the #techhouse #minimal genre would have my ears attention so much today. Not a complaining. I'm finding some good material, including this single from Ahmet Tamer #ahmettamer

This is a thumper right here. This would definitely be a light in the darkness that can be tech house at times. This leans more on the minimal side to me. Interesting title. I want to know the story behind it.

This is my first time hearing any of Ahmet's work, but I would have to say that I'm impressed. This is good road trip music. Not too much and enough to keep you focused lol. The old school house sample looped in there didn't hurt. Nice touch because who doesn't know that sample who listens to house music. Smart production move. The glass bottles in the music are a nice touch. Gives it a more airy sound. Not all muff in the bass.

29 TECH is the label. I'll be checking out the rest of their work. This project was release last month. Give it a listen. Tell us what you think.

#minimal #techhouse #ahmettamer #29tech

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