Alkalino - Juno Download Exclusive!

As a blogger you write about what you love and you shape it in a fashion to get some kick back for your opinions and sharing. This next entry is purely for the love. No possible monetary gain.

If you've been missing the nightlife and the parties and want to feel that energy again as we start to open back up across the United States, give Alkalino's new project entitled "Back To Limelight" a listen. This has the house vibe with festival size bass. If I were booking a gig Alkalino would go on before Bro Safari. Tell us in the comments if you like that booking idea.

As I listened to the first two tracks "Back To Limelight" and "Bulls eyes" all I could imagine was thousands of deprived house music lovers moving in unison to this music. You'll feel it to.

Alkalino - "Back To Limelight" - Juno Download Exclusive. Listen and purchase here

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