Antony Turiello new single "ATTENTION"

First up this today we have the new single "Attention" from Antony Turiello. Just recently released August 21st on the Beat Dealer label, I see it's listed as deep house. Sounds more elctro'ish to me, but style change. A lot of the electro also sound like mild dubstep. Anyway, not the point of this entry.

Antony brings an energy to this track that has progression mixed with nice drum hits, synth strikes and a nice balance of bass. The build ups and drops in the track are industry standard (not a bad thing), but again, that sort of goes back to my point of "Sounds more electro'ish"). The vocal samples were nicely placed for the close out build up. I liked that.

All in all I give this a thumbs up. If I were to recommend this track to a DJ, I would suggest it being played early in the set. Why? It's an tone setter. It's easy to pivot from and go in any direction you want. Within the house music realm that is.

Give this single "Attention' from Antony Turiello a listen.

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