AstroLogical brings the funk from a "Private World"

Ladies and gents, the funk is here. House and funk have been interwoven in my life since I can remember. The ties between the two genres can't be denied. With that said here's a amazing project I stumbled across.

AstroLogical is the name. The project is entitled "Private World". How fitting because when I listen to the music I feel like this is for music purest. People who really enjoy quality production. Private World / private reserve. Feel me? The good stuff. Small batch brew amazement.

From track 1 to the end this project is so damn refreshing. This goes into the realms of what I hear from groups like Thundercat and The Internet. If you aren't familiar with either of those groups, bless yourself with a eargasm at some point today. Really though.

AstroLogical keeps the vibe chill. The bass lines smooth. The forward motion of the music always under control like driving a finely tuned import. The soft vocal touches are accents that add so much to each track presented here. AstroLogical simply bring a soundscape that allows your mind to not only fully enjoy what you're hearing, but to let the mind be free for the time that you're listening.

You, the listener can benefit from listening to music like this. I kid you not. Grown folks music. Funk, jazz. Learn about it at the links below. Released 4/23/21

(Side note) vinyl spinners, this project is available on wax at the same link below. Get it.)

Listen and purchase here at our Amazon store

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