Atjazz featuring Dominique Fils-Aime'

Updated: Mar 11

Atjazz has long been a favorite around Rozzville Mansion and that's goig to continue with this recent release entitled "See-Line Woman", featuring Dominique Fils-Aime'. More specifically the Karizma Remixes.

"The Last 1ne dub" is the version that really got our ears. It has a swing to it that carries a forward progression without breaking out of the house vibe. the synthy bass gives off a rubber band effect that just works. You'll quickly be drawn in.

House heads, this is a good one.

((Additional note)) If you haven't heard any of Dominique's solo work, please visit this link and listen . It's not house music, but true music lovers will love it regardless.

To listen and purchase be sure to stop by

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