B. Jinx - "Just A Minute" to chill and listen

This red eye entry comes to you from B. Jinx. The new single is entitled "just A Minute". Released Sep 11th on the Nine Sixteen Muzik label, this smooth and laid back funky house track is exactly what you want to hear after a long day.

No glitch sounding synth error sounds, just a melodic rhythm that relaxes the soul while making you bob ya' head. 124 bpm works just fine for this production. I don't feel like I just had an IV of 5 cups of super unleaded. I know, my musical preference is house, what else should I expect right? lol You should really really dig through some of the music out there sometimes. You'd be surprised at what is listed as house.

Solid bass line, proper drums without over kill. Nice keys to accent the forward progression. If you're into a lot of drops and build ups, this isn't that. This is straight up vibe music. Set the tone in the room.

This is my introduction into B. Jinx's music, however this track has gotten my attention enough to check out more of his and the labels work. I suggest you do the same.

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