Berus - "Gold Seal"

This afternoon I wanted to change up the energy and my work flow so I decided to check out some funk house / jazz house. I started out streaming from another website and I was feelin' the rotation, as this wasn't a live set. By the way, if you think streamers don't check out other streams you're sadly mistaken. Moving on...(see below)

My next move was over to a couple of our favorite online mp3 stores to browse the genres I'm diggin' at the moment. I typically will skip right pass the # 1` spot on a chart. I have my reasons, but I thought I would change things up. I was surprised to hit the target on the first click.

Berus's "Gold Seal" is a relaxing lounge track that sets a tone. This track could be used to get the night started or to level it out for the after hours.

The The EQ tweaks with the energetic samples that are followed up by the guitar riff. Section by section gels into the next very well. Although the guitar used for this track is not my favorite it wasn't allowed to overpower the rest of what was taking place in this track. Thank you for that Berus.

Need a soundtrack for a nice weekend drive? This needs to be part of that. Just taking in the sites of the neighborhood while out on a walk in this brisk weather, this should be in your headphones.

I'm a house music guy. That's what the Rozzville Mansion brand and label is about, but you can't get to the house with the funk or jazz. We celebrate all that times into house music. We hope that you do as well.

To hear and purchase the track "Gold Seal" by Berus head over to

Or click the image link

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