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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

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Recently while doing some diggin' and exploring I stumbled onto something so unexpected. I had to take some time to evaluate the whole concept or the realness there of behind this person calling themselves DEMUR.

Just taking a look at the "propaganda" pictures on his Facebook profile you immediately get the energy of anti puppet, anti manufactured, anti fake, resist the the BS and Respect the real talent from DEMUR.

His production has a very theatrical energy. Big soundtrack quality. It grabs your attention. On tracks like "Tell Me Your Secrets" I can imagine this interrogation of the "fake dj". The breaking down of the "Fake producer". Then this is quickly followed up with the bass heavy punchy track with Duelle entitled "Streets On Fire" and again the music creates a cinematic vision in your mind. All of which absolutely fits the mind set and attitude behind all of the propaganda pictures on this facebook page.

I'm not going to review each track here as there are seven. I'm not even going to link to just one track. I'm breaking my usual structure and just giving your the whole SoundCloud URL. I'm not going to cheat you with highlighting one track when each track leads into the next creating a musical movie that you just have to experience for yourself.

I'm willing to bet that all of you fellow producers and DJs will be inspired and motivated to show the masses what real talent is. What it looks like. How the artist is about the music, not the shit show that we've seen over the years from the celebrity dj moves.

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