Detroit Swindle "The Life Behind Things" EP. Good and DEEP.........

I wonder if any other artists out there feel like some music was created with there areas weather in mind. Some tracks just seem to fit the Seattle weather vibe and this is one of them. Another one of my favorites out there, Detroit Swindle stays in my headphones. This EP and title track "The Life Behind Things" has a October 2019 release date. I was sleeping on this one because tonight is the first time I've heard it.

This is what you call easy listening. Good on the ears, stress relief. Also, boys and girls, when you actually know how to play some instruments this is the result. You can't sample out everything and that cut and paste bass stuff doesn't reach out and touch the soul the same. That is why I love Deep House / House. Everything has it's time and place and the time and place for this track is right now in my headphones, turned up. I suggest you give it a listen.

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