Directory Recruit - "Still Need Games"

This evening my mind is open and I'm receiving the signal. That has landed me in the funk section. Yeah, the funk. Funk / jazz. If you didn't know that the funk goes with house, there's a whole new world out there for you. Seriously though,

Now here we are. The artist / group name is catchy, Directory Recruit. By reading the name alone I have no idea what to expect. Mission complete perhaps.

This is a one track offering entitled "Still Need Games". Let me just say that for some reason I wasn't expecting this find in my usual music browsing location "online". This is quality.

After work relaxation, Sunday chill, or simply peace of mind. This selection makes for good listening. The build of the track flows in a classic like way. Matching the sound and hints of a era that many think is gone in music. Think again. Take a listen NOW.

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