Dirty Channels - "Guava Juice".....

Dirty Channels never upset. This is just that groove that you crave and hope to find when your browsing hundreds of tracks. This is that one. Released on Take It Easy Records July 3rd 2020. Do yourself a favor and just press play. If you weren't missing your favorite nightlife spot enough, this will remind you of good times had and more to come.

When it comes to the production side of things, I mean just listen to it. The samples and drums with the build up and break to ride things out are done well. Timing of samples and placement are on point. Clear. I like the way the male vocals were highlighted by bring down the mid and bringing it back in.

It's those little key pieces that take a basic layout of a track and transform it something unique and special. Well done Dirty Channels.

Guava Juice, yeah. That's the vibe. #purehousemusic #deephouse #DirtyChannels #GuavaJuice #TakeItEasyRecords

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