Dutchican Soul + Karmina Dai and Mr. V - "Raise It Up"

Good afternoon and early evening for some of you. Today I came across this release from the Groove Culture label. The lead artist and producer here is Dutchican Soul, which by the way I'm diggin' the name. Also collaborating on this track we have Karmina Dai and Mr. V.

Right out of the gate this groove has the right vibe. The right energy. The disco elements come through without over exaggeration of the genre, which too often happens and it makes the track come off as cheesy and comical. That is not the case here at all.

The bass line break down with the vocals kicking in for the second portion of the song is properly placed and pushes the track forward with a progression that you know and love in the disco / nu disco / funky house genres.

Crystal clarity in the 70s traditional drums. Every sound seems to have been individually tuned. I don't hear any blurs or pile up of instruments. The piano, the horns, the cow bell, everything is received by my ears evenly. Great job in the mix. Taking notes.

The BPMs (beats per minute) are right 124 and music clocking in at 6 minutes long, you will get a nice little workout dancing to this one. Matter of fact that's my suggestion for this blog. Add this track to your workout playlists. We're all limited in our travels and many of us have turned this COVID stay in place time into get in shape time. Why not add the proper musical elements to that? I am.

To preview this track and or purchase follow this link https://amzn.to/2UcWmVY or click the ad link.

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