Fabrizio Lucci - New single alert - "El Reino De Las Plantas". Get your bass fix....

Just released today on the WAFO label! Look at that, we're covering new releases fresh out the studio. Fabrizio Lucci obviously is someone who takes his craft serious. You can hear it in his production and his go get it attitude. He contacted us about his project. He was "respectful" about it. Some of you artists out there do not demonstrate proper manners when you contact me about reviewing your music. That's why you don't see it here.

Fabrizio Lucci's new single "El Reino De Las Plantas" is a bass filled straight to the point hard hitter. The offset of eerie sound effects, keys and the most basic of drops in this production are what make it stand out. Simplicity.

The rumbling of the bass reeks of an warehouse rave. If you could, imagine a crowd full of hot and messy ravers moving in unison to the drum. That's what this new banger brings to the table. No tricks or back flips. Just straight up bass delivered in a finely tuned package.

Give this track a listen and if you dig it, you know what to do.

#house #basshouse #fabriziolucci #elreinodelasplantas #wafo

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