Firewalker EP from Jungle Fire

Just re-released April 6th 2021 by Firewalker, this EP just blew me away. Originally only released on vinyl three years ago, this EP features some reworks. I haven't heard the original release, but if it was in the same league with this recent release then outstanding job.

This project features only four tracks, but each track stands out on it's own. The lead in and title track, "Firewalker" has that rich drum kick, nice horns, upbeat bass line on the guitar. Nice highs on the guitar as well. The cow bell is settle. That's what I'm hearing right? The drops and build back of this track were timed right and overall this makes for a really nice lead single.

From there this EP only gets better. The next three tracks move you. We have a convergence zone of music here. You go from the funk to the nu disco, to a light house and back to the funk. Words alone just don't it. The funk influence once again is showing itself. Take a few minutes and get take in some great music.

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