Fresh and new from Aeron Kellan

Peak Hour Music presents Aeron Kellan and his new house / electro single "Go Ahead". This selection was recently release September 29th 2020 and is full of energy.

As I listen to this audio presentation I couldn't help have some flash backs to an old venue called Studio 7 here in Seattle and some of the events there. The styling of this latest offering from Aeron Kellan almost has a short span retroness to it. The sound that I'm familiar with from mixing at Studio 7 from 2010 to 2014ish.

Before I go on, I do want to point out this track is categorized as just house. I'm not disputing what the label and artist placed on it. I call it electro.

Aeron Kellan starts off with your general lead in and from there this audio machine navigates throw the peaks and valleys of sound. Get it? Peaks and valleys / Peak Hour Music? Nah/ Alright, I tried lol.

The pulsating bass and driving drum provides the heart beat that the track needs. I don't personally use drums rolls in my productions. Not even in my Hip Hop work, but how it was used in this production was done without over saturation, allowing for the rest of the drum track to stand out on their own. A few of the sounds / samples had a hint of big room flare to them, but this track stayed in electro realm to me. IMO. Old ears maybe lol.

This track is highly recommended for gym goers and DJs looking to add some energy to your sets. And it's just good listening for the casual listener as well.

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