Gemini SDJ-4000 stand alone finally here. Too late?

So it finally came out. A little late in the stand alone market, but it's finally here. A lack of video promo before and after their "crash the gear" contest. If you're trying to hype a new flagship unit you would think a lot more would be done. When Denon Prime was on the way we all knew about it. Especially Pioneer.

Below is a video giving a brief overview of this new "stand alone" unit from Gemini. The reason I put "stand alone" in quotations is because in the past Gemini has made this claim to have this very product in the GMX. It is not stand alone. I personally owned that unit and it glitched more than that girl in the movie "Wreck It Ralph". I believe I have video of that somewhere. Basically the device never worked properly via USB stick. One has to wonder, is this a over priced version of that train wreck?

Then theirs the situation with the four channel mixer. Only two of the work in stand alone mode. All 4 with software. Makes no sense.

I'm the type of guy who roots for the under dog. The ones that no one is talking about. The off brand if you will, but Gemini has made that very difficult. You're product price point comes in at a good spot, but we don't even know your product. No demos from any well knows or anyone aside from the few videos you did at the trade shows. The lack of such things shows lack of confidence in my book.

Many of the DJ gear review sites have given up on this unit because it's been delayed and redesigned so many times. Here's a chance to finally have a solid product in the game.

I hope this unit doesn't crash with a basic cross fade. Or only perform when connected to a laptop like the GMX thing. Too bad Guitar center most likely won't have a demo unit.

I don't have a final thought on this unit because I haven't gotten my hands on one to give it a go, however I will say this, timing is everything and of course Gemini has Christmas in mind. Based on the pictures and prior models before, this should have been out a few seasons ago. Since 2016 Pioneer and Denon have pushed the envelope and Numark always has solid controller options. In my opinion from the business side, I would have wanted this product crash tested, done and on the market when the Denon Prime was released. Again, timing.

Now let's see how this goes.

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