Hydrogen (H2) drum machine......?

Alright, I said I would do a blog write up about Hydrogen (h2) drum machine so here we go. Hydrogen is a very very basic drum machine. It can be downloaded solo aside from the Ubuntu Studio bundle, but if you are above beginner you won't have any use for this software.

If you are new to the DAW layout or trying to teach how to use a basic DAW layout with basic drums, this is it. All the way. Aside from that, I wouldn't bother too much with this software.

Now don't get me wrong, this drum software can have it's library updated thus making this software upgradable in that sense. On the flip side of that, you wouldn't have the need for this once you have LMMS installed. You would simply create your drum patterns and the rest of your track, minus mic line in vocals. I'll talk about that when I get to the LMMS part.

Final thoughts on Hydrogen H2 as I know it this 3:41AM Pacific Time, it's something I would recommend to a parent who has a young child interested in making music. This would be the first thing I let them mess around with before they start coming to you asking for the expensive software lol.

I did browse Youtube in search of an example where a drum pattern or beat was created with Hydrogen that was bangin'. It doesn't exist.

In my next write up I'll be talking about LMMS. I hope to provide some how to on that software because I know for too many artists that have loss laptops and desktops over the years for whatever reasons and sometimes getting your set up going again can be timely because it can be pricey. The starving artist has to crunch pennies wisely and with LMMS you aren't coming out of the pocket to start your set up again with LMMS as the chassis.

Stay tuned for that one.

To try out Hydrogen H2 for yourself feel free to visit https://ubuntustudio.org/

Although the software is free, it takes real humans to come together and make these Open Source Open code projects come together. Donations mean something.

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