J Paul Getto - The Devil's Hand

Fogbank Records has been busy these days with a number of releases just droppin', including this one from J Paul Getto - "The Devil's Hand". Released NOV 11th 2020.

Jackin house. Again I find myself diving into another niche genre within the genre and liking what I hear. Not that I'm new to this style, it's just not in my playlist. You as a music lovers should continue to listen outside of your normal parameters.

J Paul Getto presents us with a track that to me sounds very English. James Bond'ish.Guy Richie movie soundtrack. The bonus track to "Snatch" lol.

Mellow and progressive. This is a mood track in my opinion. I hear elements of the LBC All Stars in the melody.

Dance worthy and upbeat. Not to sound cheesy, but I can see a dance off in a circle happening to this tune.

The build and drop to highlight the female vocals to lead back in the meat of the track, that was done nicely and with good timing. A missed step in that transaction in the mixing and we have a track that runs on entirely too long. At 126 BPM and track length of 5:39, this track is surely to keep even the wall flowers at least bobbin' their heads.

To preview and or purchase this track head on over to https://amzn.to/3fagnXb

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