Kapote "Remix EP 2". Some disco flavor for you.....

Here's a nu-disco selection that's been in my rotation for a few months now. It's entitled "Delirio Italiano" (dub) by Kapote. Now, I don't know how many of you are new to House music, nu-disco and EDM in general, but the label T-O-Y T-O-N-I-C-S always delivers. I've yet to listen to a release from them and be disappointed. It just hasn't happened. By The way, Kapote is the founder of the label. Now, that I just learned. Interesting.

On this late night in February of 2020 this music composition was fitting. Groovy and easy on the bass. The sounds are on the higher side of things with the 1980's sounding guitar riff, it went well together. It definitely has that Studio 54 / intro to Grand Theft Auto feel to it. On a Saturday night this is the party starter.

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