KAYTRANADA - 10% FEAT Kali Uchis

Recently I've been coming across some artists that are so next level and I haven't heard of them. I feel like my radar is off these days. I'm readjusting my musical doppler system after this one.

When in the hell did this KAYTRANADA get here? SMH. I was watching the TV show "Ballers" because of the recent XFL purchase and in season 8 during the closing credits I heard this song that immediately got my attention. So the hunt started.

I could've made my search quicker and easier, but I'm old school and I'm not talking into my phone to find out some information. Not happening. So instead of that route I just hopped on YouTube and for once it actually how the track list pretty much down, in line with the show. Then I heard it. His 2016 release "Lite Spot". If you aren't familiar with that track and the video go look it up. Originality. Creativity.

After finding and rockin' that track I browsed the rest of his work and that led me to his latest release entitled "BUBBA". The single and video for the track "10%" is hard for me to describe. Harmonically soothing, balanced, rhythmically moving in it's flow. Yeah, that's the best way to describe it. Featured on this single is Kali Uchis and let me say, she was perfect for this. I'm diggin' into her portfolio as well.

Check out KAYTRANADA's new single and album below. Tell us what you think here in the comments

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