Keyright - "After Half" album out now...

Keylight comes to us with the "After Half" album. It's different and refreshing. Just released August 17th, it's A little bit of retro 80s pop mixed with the funk. I'm diggin' it. Morris Day, David Bowie, Prince with the New Power Generation and some other ingredients in there that I can't identify yet.

This 8 track funk / funk house project packs a surprising punch. None of the songs are just like the last and for me that's big. Keylight covers the moods and vibes throughout this musical presentation. I would go as far as saying just hit play on this one. No need for skipping because it plays out well from beginning to end.

Attention to the details are noticed in this work. Technically speaking the audio quality is nice. If you dig for music like I do then you know, not every platform runs solid quality control and over eager producers sometimes upload unmastered material. Fortunately here Keyright did it right in the lab.

If you're trying to enjoy the weather to the best of your abilities, do it with this as your soundscape. Thank my later.

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