Mark Broom - "Five/Four EP" straight up fire.........

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Wow, I was just doing some random browsing of tracks this evening and I came across what appears to be Mark Broom's latest offerings. Over the last few months I've had this thing for tech house. For me, it's a reminder of what style of music I heard the most at raves was. At least when I was entering the culture and scene in 2010.

This EP is entitled "Five/Four EP". Now I don't know the story behind the title, but if a Napolean complex had anything to do with it, he sure in the hell compensates for in the heavy progressively bass pumping in each track.

The EP cover shows a listing of 4 tracks, however over at there's an 5th track. Call it a bonus. Once upon time we use to have hidden tracks to, but that was a long time ago. Anyway, immediately digging into this album I start to have flash backs of actual raves. Before most of the DJ events switched to nightclubs. All four of the cover art listed tracks go hard, but the STICK OUT track for me was "TR1". I mean, if a track could serve as an icon for tech house and what the rave scene was and or should be, this is it. (Just my opinion. I'm sure you have 1000 of them so go ahead and sound off if you like.) As the track starts I can start to see the shufflers doing there thing, along side the goth gogo dancers with the predator hair add ons, gas mask and platforms. I can smell that damn fog machine that someone should have placed somewhere else instead of straight over my beer. (stage are # 2). The progression of this track and the almost anxiety like build up is what I love to hear not only at the events, but when I'm listening to a solid tech house set online.

I won't continue on with my partial walk down memory lane, but if you love tech house, then Mark Broom and his "Five/Four EP" is the fix that you've been looking for.

For tour dates visit his site at - From there you can find and follow all of his social online profiles. Enjoy. Oh, and let him know RozzvilleMansion sent you.

PS, this track is listed in "electro" on JunoDownLoad. Sounds like tech house to me. #RozzvilleMansion #MarkBroom #electro #techhouse #TR1 #FiveFourEP

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