Martin Solveig - The Night Out EP throwback.....

I was working on the playlists for our live stream and came across this old track. I had to go check for the official release date and it's 2012. I'm having flash backs like crazy right now.

When Martin Solveig released this track and it's remixes I was still heavily active as a working DJ in the Seattle scene. At the time a few venues that were regular in my rotation were Studio 7, See Sound Lounge, Contour and The Last Supper Club.

I kid you not, I think I mixed this track at every event I mixed at in 2012. Maybe 2013 to lol. Give it a listen, I think you'll understand. I'm not really big on vocal electro pop type these days, but electro was the main genre mixed when I was fresh on the stage the first few years.

This for me is a throwback to the end of a era that was followed by bulldozers and bankruptcy to a lot of venues. So many venues, but this track is an reminder of the good times that were had during the time. Remember those good times while creating new ones.

As I'm typing this blog entry out I can visualize a typical night at The last Supper Club. The smell from the fog machine. The people funneling in saying hello as I add this track into my opening set. Mikey G messing with the damn knobs while I'm trying to do my thing lol.

Thank you Martin Solveig for providing a musical back drop in the soundtrack of my life.

#martinsolveig #electro #electrohouse

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