More nightlife jobs at risk in the UK

Via an quick search this evening I came across some information in relation to the nightlife industry and job loss due to the Covid virus. It's an interesting read from the UK.

The arguments made in this piece make sense on both sides. Ultimately, safety is the # 1 priority.

Over the last few months I've seen countless numbers of promoters and DJs putting together streaming fundraisers in efforts of helping venue staff who loss employment. I've also seen DJs on solo missions mixing online for tips, which I think should have been happening for a long time. Especially given the venue circumstances pre Covid in my home city of Seattle. Venues were already getting scarce so fillng the gap online was the natural move. It's just that so many DJs are streaming solo instead of in coalitions supporting a collective, but that's not everyone and everywhere of course.

For staff who aren't on the stage, the options are a little different, but in the end, the longer we are fighting Covid the worse off everything will be across the board for everyone.

Let the music unite us. If we can find a way after all of this, so can the rest of the world.

Check out the article from ITV. Nightlife industry reaches 'critical point' with '750,000 jobs at risk'

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