New amphitheater at Volunteer park in Seattle, $3 million

So we just got wind of this information via twitter and the Capital Hill Blog.

For those of you who are native to Seattle, you have to be aware of where Volunteer Park is. For out of towners, this is the park that was featured on the movie "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle". Remember the green house scene not at the house? That was Volunteer park. Also Bruce Lee's resting place is next door.

Now that you have a little background on the park, the latest is that the old stage which I think has been there all of our years is set for demo next week. Making way for a new 3 million dollar outdoor stage.

The original stage has served it's purpose for so many moons. I, Rozzville, personally remember going there many times with my dad when I was a kid so it was only natural to take my son there as well.

This park and stage has been the setting for many up and coming bands, rappers, Dj's and so on. In many aspects this park and stage is one of the few left where you an actually have a great concert in the park for free (in most cases). Next to perhaps Seward Park which to my knowledge hasn't hosted any music events in it's outdoor theater for some time. If I'm wrong post corrections in the comments.

Anyway since we didn't get this news first, lets give you the link to the full story here. Thank you Capital Hill Blog for this information. Check the link here.

The pictures used come from the Volunteer Park Trust and Seattle Parks Foundation.

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