New from Above and Beyond - "Prelude (M.O.S. remix)

The legends Above and Beyond have dropped a new production titled "Prelude" M.O.S. remix. It sounds amazing.

What sounds like a guitar with the 3 note pattern gives a sort of count down or count up feel to this. A sense of urgency while remaining chill. The keys that lead into a humm of bass line are nice. The child like tribal vocal samples give this track depth and the strings seems to be playing straight out of heaven as it helps bring everything together.

Some music is created to sound good in a car. Producers out there know about the car test after pre production lol. However, Above and Beyond makes music that sounds amazing in theaters. In concert halls. At festivals.

As a DJ and music lover for whatever reason I haven't gotten deep into Above and Beyond and their music. Sort of odd because they come to Seattle at least once a year. I will have to work my way through there back catalog and see all of what I've been missing.

"Prelude" was released July 1st 2021 on Anjunabeats.

"Prelude" the M.O.S. remix is available for purchase here

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