Olympia's very own HLZ PLZ

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Formerly known as Spaceship Arcade, this production visionary is back. This time as HLZ PLZ (Heals Please).

I took some time to go through some of the released material via SoundCloud and I must say I was diggin' the sound and style. One track that really stuck out to me was "Wipes On Trash". The hard hit in the drums and bass along with the classical techy sound of the synth was refreshing. The soundscape takes you on an adventure that is not all "club scene", but something more. I can easily see a creative visual video production behind this track.

"Blood & Thunder" is a excellent build up track for any working DJ. The build ups in the track cut by the almost dub steppish breaks would make for a good set starter.

"Dungeon Crawler" brings to mind the real underground rave scene. Nothing commercially mainstream about this track. Hard punch in the kicks. The synths are something to follow in this. Close your eyes for a moment and you can see the dimpy lit warehouse and glow gloves with this pumpin' out the speakers. For you DJs' that love the underground sound go grab this track.

To hear these tracks and purchase please visit www.SoundCloud.com/HlzPlz. www.Facebook.com/HlzPlz. You can find the rest of there social networking links there as well. (Yes I could have linked all of that here, but I want you to go peep the music. You're welcome).

For part two of this review we will be interviewing HLZ PLZ to get into the mind of the creator and get some insight about our regional scene here in western Washington and in the EDM industry overall.

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