SATIN JACKETS - Hidden Treasures EP

This afternoon after fumbling around and checking on and for some important emails I thought I would take a few minutes to browse good ol' JunoDownload for some new releases.

Honestly lately, I haven't kept up with production releases as much as I've been following the podcasts from such artists as #Claptone and #DjDarrellFoxx. Back to the artists at hand......

When I browse for new music, unlike the flock followers I look for the names I don't know. I look for odd art work and often times I go way way down the charts to find that rare golden blossom, however this time SATIN JACKETS was a recommendation that worked lol. (Staff picks don't always mean a classic. Not even close sometimes).

Behold, we have SATIN JACKETS with their new EP "Hidden Treasures". Released on the #EskimoBelgium (Eskimo Belgium) label. Up until about an hour ago I had never heard of this name or the music. So I hit play. Hmmmm, the first track "Levante" kicks things off very mildly. Even with my core being in House and deep house, I'm usually more moved by something more up beat to lead off, but whatever. In this case I just had to shut up and listen on. You can't always judge a movie by it's opening scene. Am I right?

Although "Levante" is on the very chill side, it seems to fit the overcast weather we're having here in Seattle today. The production provokes the mind to relax and flow. Definitely the type of music you want to hear after a challenging day or just to center yourself. Cafe music-ish. Independent film soundtrack about one's finding of self. You get the idea. Easily this project could fit into so many soundtracks on Sundance and IFC.

My favorite stick out track would be "Hundred Fifty Up". The key that this track was created in hits the right cord. It has a chilled positive energy to it. Without any words and even if this track didn't have such a title, you can still hear a story within the music.

Now that I've analyzed this project like a fine arts collector go and check out the project for yourself below. A worthy buy IMO.

#satinjackets #eskimobelgium #house #deephouse #chillvibes

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