Shit Hot Soundsystem is back with a new selection....

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

It's not usual that within the disco/nu disco genre do I come across a lot of heavier bass lined tracks with a heavy stench of rave on it. This new track "Playaround" has a fitting title as it relates to what I visualize when listening. Imagine, a warehouse pack with bodies everywhere and everyone is almost moving to the rhythm in unison. You know, the type of event your friends will regret they didn't go to. The track moves at the right BPMs and the vocal sample just gives off this eery seance vibe. That's just me though. Maybe you'll picture unicorns, I don't know, but none the less the track is on point. Check it out.

#RozzvilleMansion #ShitHotSoundsystem #SlightlyTransformed #Playaround

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