"Spring Selections" presented by Salted Music

This was exactly what I was looking for. A nice EP with a collection of artists, but not 35 tracks to go through. Sorry house producers, but I have to say it. Although very nice of you to feature as many artists as possible on a project, but there comes a point of too much for one offering. Just break the project up into pieces and release them back to back to back. With 35 tracks and today's short tension spans you could milk 35 tracks for a year lol. You know I'm speaking the truth.

Got side tracked, back to this mini compilation / label sampler. Salted Music presents "Spring Selections". Musically each track featured is nice. Sonically they sound great. Each track keeps a certain level of energy, but none of the songs sound like a copy of the last.

Fitting enough, the track by Oscar Barila "That Feeling" original mix definitely has a spring / summer time vibe to it. However my top pick on this sampler goes to DJ Saronno and the production "Chez Vous". I hear a island or Cuban influence in this song. I hear a hit of 70s disco. I hear a hint of funk. Especially in the break when the mid is cut out and the keys come into as a segway back into the core of the music. Nicely done.

Enough of my jib jab. Go listen for yourselves. Add it your library today. Salted Music - Spring Selections - Released 4/23/21.

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