Take your Q Capital Hill

Last night one of Seattle's best "real nightclubs" made it's return from the Covid 19 restrictions. The Haute Sauce crew along with guest headliner J. Espinosa sold the place out. Max capacities were reached for a few venues this weekend. Not surprised. Let's keep this energy up Seattle.

(Picture comes courtesy of Q Nightclub. Full photo album available next week at the Q Nightclub website. Link below)

We weren't present for this shing ding, but from the media recorded of the night it definately looks like it was an amazing time. You can check out the photos at www.Twitter.com/qnightclub , www.instagram.com/qnightclub, and www.qnightclub.com. Also check out the calendar for upcoming bookings. Get your tickets early. Don't expect tickets at the door for any weekend events.

With one of the mainstays on Capital Hill open again we hope to see other businesses around once again reimurge and bring the community together on level that is needed. Let the music be the reason.

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