The High Children's EDM offering"Stay"......

So I've been asking around for some nice projects to review and feature in the RozzvilleMansion blog that are from Washington or Oregon and people are sending me some good music. Here's one from right here in Seattle.

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to The High Children. Now, I know a lot of you know of this group. They aren't brand new, but I must admit, until this evening I didn't link the music with what I heard on C89.5 for a while. (Yes, they've been in radio rotation). Now I know and I'm sharing with you all.

When I first started listening to the music I was thinking, "why did this person send me hip hop when the public post said EDM / House". However after I looked things over I saw that these guys make music all over the genre spread from Hip Hop to Dance and Pop. I'm going to focus on the dance track.

The single "Stay" is a really solid up beat, uptempo party track that catches on quick. It has a summer time energy to it. I can see this being played at a rooftop event (hint hint DJs) or rocking the crowd at a high school dance. I get the feeling that when this song was produced air play and a wide audience was in mind. (Smart). The production here is solid and the song itself is put together well.

It appears that The High Children are busy doing shows and that they have an endorsement from legendary DJ Nasty Nes. That's what's up. It's always a plus when someone of his status gives you the thumbs up.

When you get a chance browser through some of the other material from The High Children because as I mentioned, they aren't one dimensional at all. That's refreshing to see and hear. Dare to be different and original and The High Children have done just that. Peep the single below. (See the SoundCloud page for the social links).

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