The in store experience. Do you remember it?

Now, before I get to deep into this entry this evening I need you to understand a couple of things. 1, I'm not number crunching why record stores declined over the years. 2, I'm giving you my view of the world. 3, when I was shopping at Musicland people were not dressing like that. This picture was taken before I touched down on this planet lol.

Now that that's out of the way, don't you miss the good ol' days of going to the record store? In all of our facebook memes these days we always see stuff about the old Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, but not as much with the old record stores.

Really, the music store and movie rental had a lot in common. You went in and had an "experience". I was a youth in the hay day of Musicland, Camelot, Sam Good and our good ol Tower Records, but whenever I went to one of the locations it was about who you saw. What other people were talking about and who was buying what. If you didn't want to pay the mall rates for a CD, you could still find a poster, t-shirt or some other merch as it related to the artists of the time. How many of you had posters all over your bedroom walls?

Did you ever have a cashier that was a character out in left field that would tell you some random weird fact about the CD or album you were buying? No? You missed some of the best conversations ever. If you were older you may find a new smoke buddy. Don't act brand new lol.

Something that was dope about music store back in the day was the in store appearances. Some of you sadly have never witnessed one of these events. You could go meet the artist, get an autograph, picture and a small performance. For me it's been a long time since I went to such an event. If you know of record shops that are still doing in store shows please link them in via the comments below. The world deserves to know where they can get the full on real experience of buying the music that will become the soundtrack of your life.

Who knows, perhaps a revamp of sorts will emerge after this pandemic. I do not believe this new normal crap will shape how we move in the music community. Nothing can hinder our creativity nor how we get it out. We've progressed to a music delivery system in this day and era that is great. Get whatever you want at the click of a button, but what are you missing just so you can sit on the couch and order?

I'm not knocking the advancements in technology. This isn't one of those write ups. For those of you who know me, I was all in with the creation of DJ controllers and .mp3 was a God sent to the independent artists. Just saying though, don't miss the "whole" vibe in exchange for convenience or laziness. At least every now and then. Take your mate out for some beats and, some eats, you know, change it up. Netflix is played lol. I'm kidding Netflix. We love you. Here's to a generation of Netflix babies lol, anyway....

I would like to hear some of your old record shop experiences growing up. If you would be interested in sharing your story on a new vlog series send us a short message with the subject title "record shop story"

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