The Kostenko Brothers release a new delicious dish of music

Recently I was able to make contact with some producers that I've been mixing since around 2011 / 2012. If you've ever heard one of my sets live, you heard one of their tracks. Ladies and

gents, if you don't already know them let me introduce you to the Kostenko Brothers.

Early on when I first started mixing out live I was still learning the genres of house / EDM and the music produced by these guys helped define for me what the sound of house was and is. Deep funky house all the way.

The first track I ever heard from the Kostenko Brothers was a song entitled "Call Me". If you haven't heard it here's a link . Superb musical creation with so much soul. Music knows no bounds. The soul and funk is strong all the way from Novorossiysk Russia.

Since then the Kostenko Brothers have went on to release a ton of music. Just recently a few new maxi single projects were made available Maxi single? lol. You have to be my age I guess. BING it. Here's an list of the latest offerings:

- Just Come On - JUL 2020 - Dirty Low (label)

- Let Me Would You - AUG 1st 2020 - Dirty Low (label)

- Really Need All I want - AUG 8th 2020 - Dirty Low (label)

- Indian Nirvana - 2020 - Dirty Low (label)

The studio hasn't been sitting idle and it shows. To top it off, the production is solid as usual. Attention to the details once again. Something that I like in the body of work the Kostenko Brothers have put together, is the ability to really take a sample and weave it perfectly into a track without over kill. Also, I like the simplicity in some of the productions. As a DJ and producer I feel like some of the music was slated for a remix. Maybe it's just what I hear in my head. None the less I've always enjoyed mixing in a lot of their music over the years.

The breakout track amongst these new offerings for me is "Just" from the "Just Come On" two track maxi single. There's that phrase again. MAXI SINGLE lol. Look it up. "Just" is layered nicely with the heavy drum kit, synth and keys, vocal samples that take your mind into whatever world you can imagine. Timing, timing is big for me in a track as well. The original mix is only 3:48. It's just enough time to make you realize this track is a freaki' BANGER and you must hit the rewind button or select repeat for the next hour. Musical OCD. When you feel it, you just feel it and "IT" is all over this track.

Within the Kostenko Brothers last 4 releases you're taken on a musical cruise that stops at all the spots you know and love. This however is still a small sample of the amazing production that is the Kostenko Brothers catalogue. Take a few minutes to check out these latest offerings and more. I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed.

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