The Splee - Technolodica: 001

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Let me start this off by saying, thank you to SCOHM (Seattle Church Of House Music) for giving me a mix of the week spot. I'm very thankful and at the same time you've motivated me to return the love to other artists out here.

This spotlight belongs to The Splee. As much as I love your traditional House music genre, when I first came into the scene techhouse was the music I was hearing at raves. Not dub step. It wasn't even around yet.

The Splee navigates through these tracks and placing each track strategically in a spot that not only makes sense, but moves this set down a musical highway at the appropriate speed.

#Techhouse #house #housemusic #SeattleEDM #SeattleNightlife #techno

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