Tower Records is BACK! Sort of.......

I ran into this little bit of information. Tower Records has returned. Not how you think though. They are back as a online store this go around. Why not. It will work. I'm a little surprise that it took this long. With all the tech online you would think that going all the way online with mp3 would have been the natural progression.

None the less they are back. They will be focusing on selling vinyl, cassettes, online events, a magazine and of course music in general as usual.

You know far to often we hope for an oldie to return and rarely do we get it in any way, shape or form. This time we won a little bit. They closed 14 years ago and are back.

It sucks that the ownership didn't get to make the official announcement at SXSW like is reported to have been the plan.

You can check out the resurrected Tower Records at

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