Ubuntu Studio = Creativity Equality

So this blog entry is an multi part series if you will. I will be talking about something that use to really be an issue when it came to creating music. Budget. I know I know, the cost on a lot has come down over the years and because some hardware was produced well many years ago you can find items like midi USB keyboard controllers for very cheap.

However, for many just starting out, as it was for myself back in the late 90s, early 2000s affordability of software was and or is an issue. The DAW. Yes. Imagine you're a 16 year old asking your parents for a $300 to $400 piece of software for Christmas and you don't even play an instrument lol. (Yes, that was me lol). For some of you, no problem. Meanwhile back in some of the areas where I come from, not gonna happen with the some kids. Sad truth, but those days are no more.

Pictured above is Ubuntu Studio. Some of you are already familiar with the Ubuntu OS and most likely know about this software suite already. For those of you who do not know of Ubuntu or Open Source software, prepare to have your mind blown.

There is no direct monetary gain or reason for this blog series. I just want to help those who want to create get started. This software is free although they're always accepting for donations. For what you get in this software suite, a donation of whatever you choose is a grain of salt compared to what you get, FOR FREE.

Oh yeah, I almost left out the fact that this suite is not just for music creation, but for all media forms (music creation and editing, video editing, publishing, graphic editing and design).

I'll be kicking this whole thing off next Monday. If you have expertise in using any of this software and would like to be part of this series feel free to reach out. I do not claim to know it all and this whole project here could become more of a community service effort.

See you Monday with the kick off where I will be talking about (H2)Hydrogen. As an extra because for some reason it's not included in Ubuntu Studio, but I will talk about LMMS as well. Very broad overviews. Again, if you have expertise working with any of this software, especially in the video production and graphics side hit us up and perhaps you can be an help with this project.

To get a jump on what I'll be covering and for you to download now go to www.UbuntuStudio.org - Remember to donate folks. The donation link is https://ubuntustudio.org/contribute/

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