Vladimir Dubyshkin "Lady Of The Night".........

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Uptempo and something to dance to. Sometimes it's just that damn simple. Vladimir Dubyshkin nails it right here. Now to be honest, I can't make out what the vocal sample is saying so I hope it's nothing foul. All I know is that it fits into the speed of this track.

For a DJ who's building up his or her set, this is the one you would perhaps want to close out with. Or a lead into your closer. I'm not here to coach you on your DJ sets, just some food for thought.

Give it a listen. Tell me what you think of this "Lady Of The Night" track. (The track listing in the audio player plugin says one title. The pop out player from the JunoDownLoad site says another. Both titles lead to the same track. Just to clear up any confusion.) #RozzvilleMansion #VladimirDubyshkin #EDM #techno #LadyOfTheNight

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