"Without Your Love" - Romy Black

Wow. As soon as I pressed play I knew this would be to my liking. Romy Black presents us with "Without Your Love". Released on Indeed Records just this September 11th 2020.

Just 100% grade "A" House music at it's finest. A crowd mover. With a little disco seasoning on top it keeps the energy high until the very end. Attention DJs, this is the sort of track you end your set with it you want the crowd to yell for more. Of course, just my opinion and don't kill the headliner lol.

So grab a cup of coffee or whatever you're sippin' on at 6:43AM PT, take a listen and show your love if you like by purchasing.

#RomyBlack #IndeedRecords #WithoutYourLove #house #nudisco

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